Attack on Titan Starts Gabi's Redemption With Her Newest Takedown

Attack on Titan has found a surprising way to redeem Gabi Braun with her attempted killing in the newest episode of the series! The first part of the fourth and final season introduced the other side of the conflict with its deeper look at Marley, and with it brought a new main character to the fold with Gabi. The young girl had been radicalized by years of Marleyean teachings, and took this to the extreme when she ended up killing one of the fan favorite members of the Survey Corps in the first half of the season. But it's a different case in the new episodes.

The previous episode of the series teased we would be getting a much different side of Gabi as through all of the violence around her she started to realize what was truly important to her. But following her moment with Falco in the previous episode, it was all ripped away when he was suddenly turned into a Titan. With nothing left to lose and an Eren who made himself temporarily vulnerable, Gabi takes the opportunity to land a clean shot on the Yeager and ends up "killing" him. But what will this mean for Gabi moving forward? 

Episode 78 of the series sees Gabi realize that Colt Grice had died and Falco had become a Titan due to Eren and Zeke's grand plan, and with all of that taking place she decides to take the fight into her own hands by taking out the source of everyone's problems. What's interesting here is that Gabi is beginning her retribution with a killing even though it was the reason that many of the fans hated her in the first place. Except this time the killing was meant for a more heroic purpose. 

It's once again an attack purely out of vengeance just like when she had killed Sasha, but it's a more direct version of that vengeance that comes after Gabi begins to realize that everyone's lives have value. It's a different Gabi pulling the trigger, and what's even more important to note is that Eren isn't dead just yet. It's quickly revealed that he survived the attack soon after thanks to Zeke's Founding Titan connections, so it's not like Gabi has begun a murderous new path anyway. 

But what do you think of this twist of Gabi's death dealing? What do you think it means for her role in the rest of the series? Will she become more of a central heroic figure as the war continues to change in new directions? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!