Attack on Titan Star Discusses Eren's Unusual Character Growth in Season 4

Attack on Titan fans have yet to fully see Eren Yeager in the fourth and final season of the [...]

Attack on Titan fans have yet to fully see Eren Yeager in the fourth and final season of the series, but thanks to promotional materials leading into the fourth season, fans are well aware that the Eren we'll soon see is much different from the one we had last seen with the third season of the series. But what does the voice behind Eren think about this change? Speaking with's Megan Peters, star behind Eren's voice in the English dub release of the series, Bryce Papenbrook, opened up about Eren's unusual growth in Attack on Titan's fourth and final season.

First Papenbrook revealed his thoughts behind Eren's big change in demeanor from the last time we had seen the character at the end of the third season, "Well, it's going to be interesting. I'm thinking, and I'm not sure that Eren has gone through some growth. At the very last episode, he seemed almost different, almost this new kind of calm energy, almost like he's literally older."

The difference between the two Erens was already apparent, "Versus little itty bitty Eren, that screamy and angsty teenage Eren that just wants to go out and destroy everything and is angry. It's like this new, more mature Eren and I don't know what that's going to lead into," Papenbrook explained. But this clash of Eren's personalities is also what Papenbrook is most interested in diving into.

Attack on Titan Final Season Eren Yeager
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

As Papenbrook continued to break down, "I'm very interested to see, especially the growth here in this final season, what that is going to be. I think that there's opportunity for the most change in the character, but I don't know." Papenbrook then re-iterated how all of this mystery surrounding Eren's character in the final reason is part of why he's excited to dive back in, "We'll have to wait and see. I'm, again, just so excited to dig in and live in that role."

Funimation has yet to confirm the SimulDub release date for Attack on Titan's fourth and final season as of this writing, but with the final season just starting out it's only a matter of time before the English dub release of the season kicks off!

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