Attack On Titan Cosplay Goes Shirtless With Eren Jaeger

Though we have yet to see Eren Jaeger make his big arrival in the fourth anime season of Attack On [...]

Though we have yet to see Eren Jaeger make his big arrival in the fourth anime season of Attack On Titan, the trailers from Studio MAPPA has shown us the main protagonist of the franchise created by Hajime Isayama sans shirt, and one fan has tried their best at recreating the now-iconic scene which has yet to air in the series! With big things on the way, both good and bad, for Eren and company in this new season, expect the final battle between Marley and Eldia to have some absolutely insane moments before the dark franchise comes to an end!

When last we left Eren Jaeger in the third season, he was able to help his friends in the Survey Corps defeat the combined force of the Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, and Beast Titan, saving the life of his friend Armin by giving him the power that was formerly held by Bertholdt. With Eren side by side with his lifetime friends of Mikasa and Armin, the trio has resolved to travel across the ocean and take the war directly to the nation of Marley, looking to put a stop to a war that has been taking place for centuries and threaten to eradicate humanity as we know it!

Instagram Cosplayer Franco D Calma shared this impressive take on Eren Jaeger from the fourth season, looking to usher in a new age for humanity with the powers of both the Attack Titan and Founding Titan at his disposal when it comes to bringing the battle directly to the soldiers of Marley:

As fans of the manga know, things will change drastically for Eren Jaeger as the series nears its finale, changing the world of Attack On Titan as we know it. With the nation of Marley desperately seeking Eren in order to harness the power of the Founding Titan for themselves as their enemies across the sea become more technologically advanced. With Zeke Jaeger still one of the strongest soldiers in Marley's army, Eren certainly has his work cut out for him as the finale of the franchise approaches.

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