Did You Spot Eren in Attack on Titan's Newest Episode?

Did you spot Eren in Attack on Titan's newest episode? The fourth and final season of the series is now completely underway, but fans have yet to see any of the fan favorites from the first three seasons of the series. It's been years in this world since Eren and the other members of the Survey Corps reached the ocean at the end of the third season, and the fourth season has kicked off by introducing the inner workings of the country on the other side of the ocean instead of reuniting fans with older faces.

But while the second episode of Attack on Titan's fourth and final season indeed explored more of the new characters introduced in the Marley side of this conflict with the premiere episode, it seems that there was also a brief cameo from an older Eren Yeager as well. Read on below to see more of Eren's cameo, but be warned that it is a major spoiler for a big reveal to come this season.

Episode 61 of Attack on Titan sees Falco Grice approaching a group of former Eldian fighters who have been broken by the war. He ends up helping someone who has lost their leg in the fight, and their face is covered with bandages so you don't get a full look at who they are. This isn't seemingly super important, but this is actually the first time the fourth season has revealed Eren himself.

Just as fans had previously spotted Eren's character design for the fourth and final season, this first look at Eren is much different than fans had expected. This is part of a much grander scheme (which is teased by another look at Eren as he mysteriously looks down on Marley at another point in the episode). This plan will reveal itself over the next several episodes of the season, but it's going to be a bit more exploration of Marley and setting up this side of the conflict before we see Eren take action.


Did you expect this to be our first look at Eren? What do you think he's got planned for Marley in Attack on Titan's fourth and final season? Curious where the other members of the Survey Corps are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!