Attack On Titan Star Finally Opens Up About the Manga's Finale

Attack On Titan's manga came to an end earlier this year, with the anime's final installments set [...]

Attack On Titan's manga came to an end earlier this year, with the anime's final installments set to arrive in early 2022, and it seems that the voice actor for Eren Jaeger, Yuki Kaji, has recently shared his thoughts on the finale of the manga after reading the last volume of the Scout Regiment. Season Four has seen Eren take a decidedly different approach to the earlier seasons of the dark fantasy epic, deciding to throw his lot in with his brother Zeke and attempt to enact the "Euthanasia Plan" which would sterilize all Eldians and end the threat of the Titans in turn.

Yuki Kaji has been voicing Eren Jaeger since the beginning of Attack On Titan's anime, and when rehearsals began for the final adventures of the Survey Corps, the voice actor couldn't hide his feelings and began crying when he saw footage from the fourth and final season. Stating that he cried when he saw the compilation, Kaji also shared that "Eren is always in my heart. I got the script for the final season and I would even cry while rehearsing at home." Needless to say, the finale for the popular anime series will be something to behold as the events of the manga were definitely some of the biggest of the franchise to date.

Twitter User Edo Monogatari shared this translation of a statement made by Yuki Kaji in which the voice of Eren Jaeger shared that he had finally read the finale for the manga's story, and wanted to express his appreciation for Hajime Isayama's stellar creation:

Without going into spoiler territory, Eren Jaeger will have some of the biggest challenges ahead of him as he forsakes his friends in a bid to save the world in a way that causes serious problems for both the denizens of Paradis and the nation of Marley as a whole.

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