Attack on Titan: Eren Voice Actor Pens Message Following Manga's Finale

The voice behind Attack on Titan's Eren Yeager penned an emotional message for the series [...]

The voice behind Attack on Titan's Eren Yeager penned an emotional message for the series following the release of its final chapter! Following a nearly twelve year run in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, Hajime Isayama officially brought the massively popular series to an end with 139 chapters under its belt. While the anime still needs to return for the second half of its final season next year, fans who have been following along with the manga release of the series have now seen how Isayama wanted to bring the long running manga to its end.

These fans include even the stars of the anime adaptation as well! The voice behind Eren Yeager in the Japanese release of the series, Yuki Kaji, took to Twitter to share an emotional message about the series' ending with fans and bid it farewell before vowing to bring the finale to life when the anime finally returns for the rest of its final season next Winter:

As Kaji states in his message for Attack on Titan's series finale, his fight as Eren in the anime is far from done, "Hajime Isayama-sensei, thank you for bestowing us with the Attack on Titan manga. Thank you so much for the amazing ride. I'll devote my heart to voicing Eren Yeager in the anime until the very end. Our fight is far from over!!!"

While the manga has come to an end, fans of the anime are still excited to see it play out when it finally returns. The fourth and final season of the series left off on a huge cliffhanger for its midseason finale, and now with the manga ended, there's a direct roadmap for the adaptation to follow when it returns for its final episodes.

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