Attack On Titan Drops New Sketch of Eren And Friends Ahead of Interview

Fans of Attack On Titan's anime will have to wait until early next year, 2022, to see how the [...]

Fans of Attack On Titan's anime will have to wait until early next year, 2022, to see how the story of the Scout Regiment comes to a close, but the manga wrapped its story earlier this year, giving readers of the dark franchise a conclusion that blew more than a few minds and with a new interview featuring creator Hajime Isayama on its way, the mangaka has given fans a brand new sketch. Though the fourth season of the anime has given us a very different Eren Jaeger from the one we came to know, Attack On Titan fans still love this original trio.

The fourth season of the anime hasn't just upped the ante when it comes to bringing the war directly to the shores of the nation of Marley, it has also placed Eren Jaeger into an unexpected position wherein he is working alongside his brother Zeke, aka the Beast Titan, to "sterilize" the Eldian race in a bid to eliminate the power of the Titans once and for all. Dubbed the "Euthanasia Plan", Eren's efforts went into motion throughout the first half of season four, with its conclusion showing that Eren and his Jaegerists are set to battle the full force of the Marleyian army descending upon Paradis.

The editor for Attack On Titan's manga got ready for the upcoming interview with this latest sketch from creator Hajime Isayama, recollecting a "happier" time when Eren, Mikasa, and Armin were still friends and not at one another's throats following Jaeger's betrayal:

While the conclusion to the story's manga gives us a rather definitive ending to the tale of the Survey Corps, Isayama himself added several new pages to the final entry, leaving room for there to be a potential sequel at some point down the line. Hajime himself hasn't revealed any plans to dive into another tale, but there are plenty of Attack On Titan fans who wouldn't mind seeing the dark story continue.

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