Attack On Titan Fans Plead for Eren Amidst Volume 34 Rumors

Attack On Titan's manga came to a close earlier this year, bringing to an end the story of Eren [...]

Attack On Titan's manga came to a close earlier this year, bringing to an end the story of Eren Jaeger, the Scout Regiment, and the forces of the nation of Marley once and for all, but fans of the series are worried that a new edition of the final volume might add some material that readers aren't looking forward to. Hajime Isayama has promised that a new edition for the final volume of the manga will be adding in some new material which further expands the final story of the series and filling in a number of blanks.

Without going into spoiler territory, the finale for Attack On Titan is a definitive ending and while the events that take place within its pages are controversial among fans, it's clear that Hajime Isayama had an idea for how the anime franchise would eventually make its final bow. As we've seen in the fourth season of the anime, Eren Jaeger has placed himself at odds with his friends Armin and Mikasa, to say nothing of a number of other soldiers within the Scout Regiment. Needless to say, Eren's decision to throw his lot in with his brother Zeke to put into place the "Euthanasia Plan," will have big ramifications for the finale.

Twitter User Gadi Guevarra got the ball rolling by crossing their fingers and pleading that Hajime Isayama's new material being adding to the thirty-fourth volume of the manga, hoping that the mangaka won't be adding any new story beats that potentially spell trouble for Eren Jaeger's character:

While the manga has already ended, fans will have to wait a little longer to see these final moments translated into the anime, as Studio MAPPA has gone on record that they will be airing the final episodes beginning early next year. Hajime Isayama has stated in the past that there are currently no plans for a sequel or spin-off series, but regardless of the story coming to a close, Attack On Titan will remain a classic within the medium of anime and will most likely be talked about for years following the conclusion of the anime series.

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