Attack on Titan Fan Reimagines the Anime's Best Fights in Viral Shorts

Attack on Titan has put its heroes in over their heads more times than we can count, though the final episodes of the anime adaptation will see them taking on their former friend Eren Jaeger. With Eren going from hero to villain, one fan has taken the opportunity to re-imagine some of the biggest battles from the franchise created by Hajime Isayama, merging together fights that involved the likes of Eren, Levi, the Beast Titan, and the Armored Titan to name a few.   

When last we left the Scout Regiment, they had to make some truly heart-wrenching decisions as they were forced to kill former friends in order to gain the transportation needed to stop Eren from crushing the world outside the island of Paradis beneath the feet of countless Colossal Titans. With the youngest Jaeger believing that the only way to end the war is to completely eliminate a world that hates and fears Eldians, Armin, Mikasa, and company have been placed between a rock and a hard place. Win or lose, the final fight of the series will easily be the biggest of the dark franchise to date.

Attack on Eren

Instagram animator Tonie Tran took the opportunity to brilliantly merge the fights that saw Captain Levi fighting against the Beast Titan and Eren fighting against the Armored Titan, with the latest season of Attack on Titan's anime throwing these original allegiances out of whack and turning former enemies into allies as a result:

Now that Eren has the power of the Founding Titan, his former friends are attempting to talk him down, but are coming to the stark realization that beating him in a fight might be impossible at this point. With the power of Ymir at his side, Eren can take control of all Eldians, and change their memories if the need arises. On top of the powers that we've seen from the Founding Titan in the past, there are plenty more surprises in store for the Scout Regiment as the dark anime series is set to end with a bang.

What was your favorite fight in the history of Attack on Titan? Who do you think will come out the victor between the Scouts and their former friend Eren? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Titans.