Attack on Titan Explores Its Soldiers' Smarts in New Poster

Attack on Titan's fourth and final season has been split via three parts, with the last installments set to air next year from Studio MAPPA, the animation house that took the reins from the previous animators at Wit Studio. With Eren Jaeger now the biggest threat to the world at large, following his acquisition of the Founding Titan's powers, a new poster sees the dark anime's biggest heroes uniting once again to hit the books rather than rampaging behemoths.

When last we left the Survey Corps, the heroes were able to acquire a mode of transportation that would give them the opportunity to get in front of Eren Jaeger, the former protagonist who had inherited the power of the Founding Titan and was using it to unleash a wave of Colossal Titans that are set on destroying all those who live outside Paradis island. The final chapters of Isayama's manga saw the Scout Regiment coming face-to-face with Eren Jaeger and rest assured, the battle that is to come is easily one of the biggest of the bleak anime series to date. With Eren turning on his friends for his dream, don't expect images like the one below to play out in the last anime installments.

Attack on Reading

Twitter Outlet Attack on Titan Wiki shared this new anime image from Studio MAPPA, taking Eren, Armin, and Levi set to hit the books before the final episodes of the bleak anime series arrive next year:

Studio MAPPA has proven itself to be one of the hardest working anime studios in the game today, with 2023 set to see them release not only Attack on Titan's final episodes but also Jujutsu Kaisen's second season and Vinland Saga's second season to boot. The animation house also has another anime series in the pipeline, Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku, though a release window for this show has yet to be revealed. With Attack on Titan coming to an end, anime fans have to wonder if MAPPA will take the opportunity to lighten their load or if they'll dive into another new series. 

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