Crunchyroll Hypes Attack on Titan Premiere With New Trailer

Regardless of how Attack On Titan comes to an end this year, if it does in fact come to a close this year, Eren Jaeger and his friends have been through some rough times as they attempted to discover the secrets of their world. With the return of the series only a few days away, Crunchyroll has unleashed a brand new trailer that puts together some of the biggest moments of the earlier seasons to give fans a brief recap of the troubled times the Scout Regiment has lived through.  

When last we left Eren Jaeger, he had taken a decidedly different approach to how to fight against the Marleyians, deciding to create an alliance with his half-brother Zeke and use the power of the Founding Titan to sterilize his race in order to make sure that future generations couldn't inherit the power of the Titans. Turning on his former friends within the Scout Regiment and locking them up within a prison, Eren is now in charge of a following known as the Jaegerists and staring down an angry army led by the Armored Titan, Reiner, as the world hangs in the balance. 

Crunchyroll shared the new trailer titled "Crescendo" via its Official Twitter Account, taking us through some of the biggest and most emotional moments of the dark franchise to date, with both Wit Studio and MAPPA being responsible for bringing Hajime Isayama's dark tale to life:

While Attack On Titan is set to come to a close, there are rumors that new animated projects are in the works which might expand the world that introduced us to both the Scout Regiment and the troubles they've faced as they learned new secrets of the world that has thrown them some serious curveballs. Hajime Isayama brought his story to a close last year and is looking to not do any work this year, which he has certainly earned considering the work he's put into the series so far. While the mangaka hasn't hinted at the franchise returning, he did leave some big Easter Eggs to this fact in his final chapter, which might hit the anime adaptation this year.

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