Attack On Titan: Eren Goes Full Circle with Reiner Thanks to a Painful Death

Attack On Titan's penultimate chapter of its manga is tying up several loose ends in a tragic [...]

Attack On Titan's penultimate chapter of its manga is tying up several loose ends in a tragic fashion, with one of them ending the "perfect circle" between Eren Jaeger and Reiner in a horrific fashion. With the anime still having some serious ground to cover before it hits this final battle of the Survey Corps, the series produced by Studio MAPPA is going to be translating some terrifying and horrific imagery before the franchise comes to a close. With the fourth season pitting Eren and Reiner against each other in the nation of Marley, their relationship is the definition of strained.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, Chapter 138, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory for season four.

In the latest installment of the manga, Reiner has joined the Survey Corps in a bid to stop Eren unleashing the "Rumbling" upon the world, as Jaeger attempts to kill anyone that doesn't have Eldian blood running through their veins. As fans of the series know, Eren's problems began when Reiner and Bertholdt smashed through the walls of his village, unleashing Titans upon his friends and his family, and it seems as if Chapter 138 has allowed Jaeger to horrifically return the favor.

Attack On Titan Perfect Circle
(Photo: Kodansha)

With the Survey Corps managing to separate Eren from the power of the Founding Titan, the parasite released a cloud of gas that was breathed in by the Eldians in the vicinity, transforming the majority of them into Titans that would defend it. One of the poor victims was Reiner's mother, effectively killing her by transforming her into a mindless Titan, which the Armored Titan horrifically discovers. Though it would be possible for Reiner's mom to come back to her former herself, she would need to eat one of the Nine Titans and that seems unlikely at this point.

Though Reiner might have lost his parent, he might be happy in knowing that Eren was seemingly killed by Mikasa, who decapitated the former hero and separated him from his Titan form. With the next chapter marking Attack On Titan's last, it will definitely be interesting to see what the Armored Titan's status is when the manga wraps.

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