Attack on Titan Alters Manga Finale with Surfaced Extra Pages

If you did not know, Attack on Titan is going through some big changes right now. The anime is [...]

If you did not know, Attack on Titan is going through some big changes right now. The anime is slated to end next year following its comeback, but the manga has already closed. Or at least, that is what we thought until Kodansha confirmed new pages were going to join the finale. Now, it seems the content of those pages has surfaced online, and Attack on Titan is ready to shake things up.

The whole thing got started when netizens seemingly uncovered the content of what's coming to Attack on Titan. After all, the manga is slated to bring out new chapters in early June when its final volume goes live in Japan. But if these current reports are true, it seems Attack on Titan made some serious changes to its finale's end.

attack on titan
(Photo: Kodansha)

According to unverified reports on social media, the additional pages explain two main things. The first focuses on Mikasa and her connection to Ymir. As for the second, it shows the future of Attack on Titan far after its heroes have died. The flash-forward is said to set up a new story entirely, but it will be down to fans to decide whether they care for the pitch.

When it comes to the first pitch, Mikasa is said to meet Ymir face to face after Eren is killed. The aftermath of war leaves Mikasa speechless, but she is able to confirm with Ymir that their love was warped in the end. This moment of peace gave Mikasa the chance to move on, and these new Attack on Titan pages prove as much. The reports suggest Mikasa moves on from Eren and finds a family of her one with a husband and child. Clearly, these additions are massive, so fans will have to check out the pages when they go live. But if you enjoyed the finale as is, well - you might want to avoid this rewrite.

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