Attack on Titan Team Pens Emotional Letter Ahead of Final Chapter

Attack on Titan is set to bring its final chapter to fans tomorrow, and it seems readers are [...]

Attack on Titan is set to bring its final chapter to fans tomorrow, and it seems readers are dreading the big drop. After all, the series has been with fans for more than a decade now, and it is hard to comprehend its finale being so close. Of course, few people are struggling more than the team that worked on the manga, and the Attack on Titan crew has published an emotional letter to fans in light of its release.

Over on Twitter, fans started to get emotional when a new letter was posted online by the editorial department act Monthly Shonen Magazine. It was there the team reflected on the last decade with Attack on Titan, and the editors admit they're going to miss working on the series.

Attack On Titan Final Episode Title
(Photo: MAPPA)

"This world that did not exist until 2009 was made into words and pictures, given meaning, turned into a story, printed in the. First issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, and serialized for eleven years and seven months by Hajime Isayama's hands," the letter reads. "By no means were they eleven years and seven months of continued good news. This series was visited by troubles, sadness, and goodbyes."

Continuing, the letter finishes up by thanking fans for their support while reassuring them Kodansha has more to offer readers.

"Even so, we believe that nothing is more valuable than people being able to share in emotions that cannot be put into words through a story. It makes us happy that we were able to feel that way with readers and partners by way of Attack on Titan. Though this series has come to an end, these memories are sure to always warm our hearts. Thank you for reading. Our battle is only getting started!"

The finale of Attack on Titan is bringing about the end of an era, and its loss will be felt the world over. With the anime slated to wrap early next year, Eren's journey is closer to closing than ever before, so fans better brace themselves for chapter 139 while they can.

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