Does Attack on Titan Need a Happy Ending?

Attack on Titan is less than three days from its end, and fans are unsure how to process the impending finale. If you did not know, the manga will bring out its final chapter for readers starting April 9, and rumored spoilers are already making rounds. With the official release still more than a day out, the question remains what will happen in this last hurrah, and netizens are debating on whether the ending must be a happy one.

After all, let's review the facts. Attack on Titan has been around for over a decade, and it is one of the most successful series to ever come from Japan. Hajime Isayama has spent much of his adult life crafting an intense tale with apocalyptic overtones. To this day, Attack on Titan is still one of the most ambitious manga on the market, and it has amassed millions of readers. So as you can imagine, there are a lot of eyes on this finale.

(Photo: MAPPA)

As for whether it needs a happy ending, well - there are two modes of thought you can subscribe to. The first is centered on the story itself while the latter panders to fans. When you look at the first mode, Attack on Titan has never been an overtly joyful series, and it relishes in dark drama. From death to destruction, Eren Jaeger has seen it all, and Isayama has only expanded that aesthetic in his story's final arc. In some ways, a happy ending would almost be disingenuous to the series, but a subversion of expectations could be fun.

However, the biggest proponent for a happy ending comes from fans themselves. The story itself doesn't necessarily deserve a happy send-off, but there is an argument for Attack on Titan fans. Isayama's supporters have been loyal to a fault, and they have asked for little except their favorites to thrive in the end. As it stands, things aren't looking great for the main trio in Attack on Titan, but that could change. If it isn't, fans are going to have to grapple with a missed mark in expectations, and that crack might cheapen this finale for some.


In the end, the story's final direction comes down to Isayama, and the author has never been a pronounced fan of happy endings. It would be smart to temper your expectations ahead of Attack on Titan chapter 139 this week. And if all things end well for our heroes, then that is all the best for Eren and his closest friends.

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