Attack On Titan Will Reportedly Publish Final Volume in Summer 2021

If you have been keeping up with Attack on Titan, then you know its final arc has been a dark one. [...]

If you have been keeping up with Attack on Titan, then you know its final arc has been a dark one. The series has taken some wild turns in the manga since its last arc got underway, and it seems creator Hajime Isayama is eyeing a final date for the series. After promising the end the manga within the year, a new report has gone live detailing when the series plans to release its final volume. So if you need to brush up on the manga before everything comes to a close, well - now is the time to start reading!

The final battle between the nation of Marley and the Eldians has taken a serious turn, with Eren Jaeger acquiring the power of the Founding Titan and using it to eradicate the human population that doesn't have the blood of Ymir running through their veins. Joined by his brother Zeke, aka the Beast Titan, a new Survey Corps has had to be formed in order to stop his mad new plan. Unfortunately for Armin and Mikasa, they aren't able to talk him out of it and are now on the receiving end of his powers, one of which is the ability to resurrect the former, deceased wielders of the Nine.

Twitter User Ranobe Sugoi shared that not only will the 34th volume of the manga be its final tale, but that it will be released this summer, showing us just how the story of the Survey Corps will ultimately come to an end:

In the anime, the fourth season of Attack On Titan is currently taking a step away from the story of the Survey Corps and instead placing the spotlight on the soldiers of Marley who are attempting to become the next inheritors of the power of the Nine. With the nation of Marley deciding that they need the power of the Founding Titan in order to remain at the top of the food chain when it comes to the various warring states of their world, it seems like Zeke and his fellow soldiers won't have to wait long to encounter Eren Jaeger as he has already arrived on the scene.

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