Attack On Titan's Final Season English Dub Will Land On Funimation Next Year

Attack On Titan's fourth and final season is currently airing on the likes of Crunchyroll and [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth and final season is currently airing on the likes of Crunchyroll and Hulu, allowing fans to dive into the last story of the Survey Corps, and it seems as if Funimation will be joining the party as the company has announced that the English Dub for these new installments will be dropping in January of next year. With three episodes of the fourth season having aired so far, the final episodes have been focusing on new characters that are in the employ of Marley and looking to inherit the powers of the Nine Titans in order to gain citizenship to the country!

Earlier this winter, Funimation shattered the internet by announcing that their parent company, Sony Entertainment, would be buying Crunchyroll, leading many to question how the merger would affect the world of anime streaming moving forward. Though we haven't gotten a ton of concrete evidence as to the upcoming changes, Attack On Titan is definitely a big series that folks had their eyes on when it came to this news. With the fourth season promising to be the series' darkest so far, based on the events that have transpired in the franchise's manga which the anime is using as its source material, expect some big moments to come as we bear witness to the final adventures of the Survey Corps!

Funimation shared the big news for the fourth season of Attack On Titan via their Official Twitter Account, stating that the English Dub for Attack On Titan will be arriving on January 10th, showing that fans of the Survey Corps won't have to wait much longer to see this version of Hajime Isayama's epic saga unfold:

Fans were taken aback when a familiar face appeared in the final moments of the latest installment of the anime, as Eren Jaeger was revealed to be lying in wait in disguise as an Eldian soldier. With the Survey Corps clearly having landed within the nation of Marley, it will definitely be interesting to see how the war between Eldia and Marley wraps.

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