Attack on Titan Star Revisits Eren's Most Iconic Lines Ahead of Manga's Finale

Attack on Titan will come to an end before long now, and it seems the series' biggest fans are [...]

Attack on Titan will come to an end before long now, and it seems the series' biggest fans are honoring Eren the best they know how. From the manga to the anime, the lead has found himself in headlines as of late thanks to new artwork and interviews. Now, it seems the actor behind Eren is paying respect to the character, and he did so by revisiting an epic line from the hero.

Recently, Kodansha put out a promo video hyping the final arc of Attack on Titan, and it was there the series put forth its finale date. It turns out the manga will close this April with creator Hajime Isayama closing the story. And in this new video, voice actor Yuki Kaji is recorded revisiting lines from Eren's past.

Attack On Titan Sneakers Eren Jaeger
(Photo: Wit Studio)

As you can see above (via ANN), the video features Kaji sharing lines such as "I'll exterminate you" and more. These lines are all iconic in the anime as they came from Eren during pivotal moments. And with the manga's end beating down on fans, it is only right that Kaji revisits these moments once again.

Taking to Twitter, the actor commented on their work in this Attack on Titan video. Kaiju told fans he redid the dialogue fresh instead of relying on old soundbites. He also leveled with the end of the series, writing, "The time has finally come. I feel like we've come full circle... I shivered with excitement."

Currently, season four of Attack on Titan is underway, but it still has some ways to go before it catches up with the manga. With only a few chapters left, Eren has a countdown hanging above his head, and readers are as eager as they are scared to see how his story ends.

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