Attack on Titan Creator Gives Eren a Perfect Ending in New Sketch

Attack on Titan returned to television earlier this year with a new special, and the anime set up an explosive series finale. Later this year, the beloved show will come to an end after a decade on the air, and it will put Eren to the test. These days, the soldier has thrown in his hero card and become humanity's top enemy because of The Rumbling. But in a new sketch, the creator of Attack on Titan is exploring what could have been with Eren.

As you can see below, the art was released by Hajime Isayama recently in Japan. The artwork was done to celebrate the latest anniversary of Hita City's Attack on Titan Museum. Given the anime's bleak future, Isayama went for a more lighthearted drawing here as it imagines how Eren would have done if he hadn't gone AWOL in Attack on Titan season 4.

After all, Eren is rocking the military's new ODM gear and its stealth aesthetic suits Eren with ease. Sadly, the manga or anime never got to gift Eren this look. In a way, this exclusion helped other Eren from his friends, and it made his betrayal against Paradis a bit easier to swallow. Still, fans wanted nothing more than to see Eren rock the gear in canon, but that would have put our hero on the road toward a happy ending.

Right now, it seems unlikely Eren will end his adventure on a high note. His plans of massacring humanity with The Rumbling is downright horrifying. Eren may be trying to protect his homeland, but his actions are the definition of extreme. Now, Mikasa and his former allies are the ones tasked with stopping Eren... but this art shows what life would have been like if they all stayed on the same team.

Readers of the Attack on Titan manga know how controversial the anime's finale will be, but for now, this sketch is helping them imagine a world where things ended better. Eren's fate was sealed under Isayama years ago, that much we know. The hero was headed for tragedy long before the fandom came to love Eren. And thanks to Isayama's new sketch, well – we can imagine a universe where things went better for Eren than they did in the canon.

What do you think about this sketch from Attack on Titan's creator? Does it make you want Eren's happy ending more than before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.