Attack on Titan to Sell 3-D Sword Replicas

Attack on Titan has changed astronomically in its final anime season. With Eren Jaeger gaining the power of the Founding Titan and unleashing the power of the Rumbling on the world, Mikasa and company are going to need to fight their former friend to defend a world that hates and fears them. Despite several scouts gaining the power of the Titans, the Survey Corps still needs its 3-D maneuver gear and swords to fight the behemoths, and now, Premium Bandai is giving fans the opportunity to become a part of the Scout Regiment.

Attack on Titan Season 4 unleashed the first half of the anime series finale earlier this year, with the full fury of the Rumbling eradicating most of the world's population. Luckily, the Scout Regiment was able to make their way to Eren Jaeger directly, coming to the realization that they will need to battle, and potentially kill, their former friend in order to stop his mad reign of destruction. While the final episode of the series has been confirmed for this year, MAPPA has yet to reveal exactly what the release date will be for the installment that will bring the dark epic's journey to a close.

Attack on Titan: Live By The Sword

Pre-Orders for the Attack on Titan "Super Hard Blade Complete Edition" are set to start through Premium Bandai, which you can click on here. The swords themselves will ship out this August and will allow owners to pop the blades out of their holsters much like the series. The swords themselves will also have voice reproductions of several cast members from the anime such as Eren Jaeger and Armin. The blades will retail for around $110 USD if you're interested in joining the Scout Regiment.

(Photo: Bandai)

While Attack on Titan's anime is preparing to end, Hajime Isayama has confirmed that he doesn't have plans for an official sequel, and/or spin-off when it comes to the world of the rampaging behemoths. Isayama did confirm however that he might return to further explore Captain Levi's past, though the mangaka stated that it would be a relatively short story in comparison to the main series. Hilariously, Isayama is still hoping to achieve his real dream of owning a sauna, though didn't confirm whether it will be Attack on Titan themed.

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