Attack on Titan Shares Season 4 Poster Featuring Eren Yeager

In the lead up to Attack on Titan season four, it would not be extreme to say Eren Yeager was kept [...]

In the lead up to Attack on Titan season four, it would not be extreme to say Eren Yeager was kept in the background. If fans were treated to a special look at the show or given a poster, there was a good chance its lead was missing from the action. Nowadays, that has changed as the most recent episode of Attack on Titan finally brought the hero back into the thick of it. And in honor of his long-awaited return, an updated poster for the season has gone live that stars the war-torn lead.

Recently, Attack on Titan updated its official webpage with a key visual featuring Eren Yeager. The poster, which can be found below, should be familiar to fans. After all, the key visual was first released before season four debuted with Mikasa, Levi, and more in tow. Now, Eren is with the gang, and the poster feels complete at last.

As you can see, Eren looks older in this shot as the character has endured a lengthy time skip. The boy is rocking long hair that falls just past his shoulder, and he is wearing a white button-up and a trench coat. The outfit wraps up with some black slacks, and Eren's face has a rather serious expression on it. And if you have seen season four at all, you will get why his face is drawn so tightly.

The addition brings a piece of completion to the Attack on Titan poster which fans were missing. This new art highlights the battle that's to come in season four, so fans are eager to see how Eren fits into this ordeal. It is clear the hero has been in Marley for some time, and he has come been watching the Warriors during that time. So if Marley thought its wartime was over, well - the nation needs to think again.

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