Attack on Titan Season Four Poster Makes a Throwback to Season One

Attack on Titan is a brutal series and makes no bones about its harsh plot twists. All is fair in the series whether it be major character deaths or sudden betrayals. As you can imagine, fans of the anime are excited to see it come to an end with season four as more questions get answered. And if you look closely, the poster for season four tries to answer one by making a callback to the anime's first poster ever.

The comparison is pretty much spot-on when you see the two posters side by side. For those who did not see the season four poster, the visual went live earlier this year and focuses on two very familiar characters. In the front center, Reiner Braun can be found in the midst of rubble as he looks into the night sky. It is there fans can see Eren in his Attack Titan from laying waste to a city around him in a blaze of anger.

This image is certainly an unsettling one, but it has been done before. Sure, fans have never seen Eren go on a rampage quite like this before, but Titans are known for doing as much. The poster for season four shows Eren's Titan creeping over a large building enclosing Reiner, and he looks an awful lot like the Colossal Titan from the anime's season one poster.

You can check out the comparison above as both posters are put side by side. To the left, you can find the visual for season one while season four sits to the right. The first season's poster is iconic by most rights as it shows Eren from the back in uniform while a city burns around him. The Colossal Titan is seen peeking over one of the city's walls in defiance, and that same description can be used for the season four poster. This time, Reiner has replaced Eren while the boy's Titan form has replaced the Colossal Titan.


Clearly, this poster is meant to evoke nostalgia within fans while showing them all things come around. Reiner's team brought destruction and chaos to Paradis all those years ago. Now, it looks like Eren is ready to repay the favor, and it is the Armored Titan who is left to suffer.

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