Attack on Titan Season 4 Brings Annie and Reiner Back to Action: Watch

Attack on Titan season four is moving quick these days as its final episodes are on the horizon. The show has more at stake than ever now that Eren has declared war on all humanity. His turn has forced the most unlikely enemies to work together to save the world. And this week, that gave fans the chance to see Annie and Reiner head into battle once more at last.

The only difference now? Well, it seems fans this time were rooting for their battle. The two soldiers were made enemies during their last battles, but Annie and Reiner are looking more like heroes these days instead.

As you can see above, Studio MAPPA put some intense work into the pair's return. When Attack on Titan put out its latest episode this week, fans met up with Annie as worked with Reiner to secure a boat to Marley. The only vessel available was impounded by the Yeagerists, and Floch wanted to blow the whole thing up. So while Connie and Armin tried to stop that plan, these shifters took on Floch as a team.

Reiner and Annie not only proved they can still use ODM gear with ease, but they still do so with style. The pair were able to navigate the port simply enough before they popped up behind Floch silently. Reiner and Annie went on to unleash their Titans on the Yeagerists as planned, and this latest episode ends with Eren's coup scrambling. After all, Eren is halfway across the sea now, and our heroes have several Titans on their side. And when it comes to fighting the Female Titan, well – there are few ways anyone could win. 

What do you think about Reiner and Annie's return to war? Did you ever expect to see them fight together again in Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.