Attack on Titan Season 4B Releases First Trailer

Attack On Titan is set to return early next year, with Studio MAPPA returning to tell the big finale for the Scout Regiment. With the second half of the last season inching ever closer, the creative minds behind the anime have revealed the newest trailer for the upcoming episodes, which will bring about an end to the war between the Eldians and the Marleyians. 

As you can see below, the trailer is very brief, and it begins in a strange place. Any Attack on Titan reader will be able to place this shot with ease, but Eren's debut in this trailer will leave anime-only audiences scratching their heads. But we can promise you that all will be explained once season four makes its big comeback.

The trailer goes on to show off MAPPA Studios as a slew of CG shots is shown. Netizens are responding well to the CG shots this time around as their use in season four until now has been met with mixed reviews. Clearly, the team at MAPPA has been busy polishing its skills, and this Attack on Titan trailer shows that work has paid off.

Of course, tons of familiar faces show up in this trailer. From Mikasa to Jean and Eren, our mainstays are in this clip and looking tenser than ever. This is no surprise given how Eren ended the first half of season four. The protagonist took a wild shift as he set up a coup against his homeland to wage war on Marley. Eren went so far as to capture his friends along the way, and now, it seems Eren is destined to fight his former allies to the death.

Attack on Titan season four will return before you know it, and this trailer did confirm its premiere date. The show will hit up TV starting January 9th, so you do have time to catch up on the story. So if you need a little refresher, the official synopsis of Attack on Titan can be found below:

"A century ago, the grotesque giants known as Titans appeared and consumed all but a few thousand humans. The survivors took refuge behind giant walls. Today, the threat of the Titans is a distant memory, and a boy named Eren yearns to explore the world beyond Wall Maria. But what began as a childish dream will become an all-too-real nightmare when the Titans return and humanity is once again on the brink of extinction..."

What do you think about this first look at Attack on Titan's final arc? Are you hyped for the anime's big comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.