Attack On Titan Reveals New Trailer For Final Chapter

Anime fans are counting down the days until the second half of the fourth season of Attack On Titan lands, with the saga of the Scout Regiment set to arrive in January of next year, and the franchise has revealed a new trailer to promote the final volume of the series created by Hajime Isayama. While the last chapter of the dark franchise arrived earlier this year in Japan, giving manga readers the last story of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin that had plenty of surprises and tragic moments in the final battle between the island of Paradis and the nation of Marley.

The anime series has stuck quite closely to the source material from the anime, normally not creating too many "anime-only" stories under either Studio Wit or Mappa. With the first half of season four coming to an end earlier this year, the series has dove into making some major changes not only to the war between the Eldians and the Marleyians but also to its characters across the board. While Hajime Isayama hasn't stated if there will ever be a sequel to the beloved anime franchise, he certainly introduces the possibility with the director's cut of the big finale in the manga. 

Kodansha Manga's Official Twitter Account shared the new trailer for the upcoming new release of the final chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, giving fans another look at some of the big moments and characters that help bring the dark franchise to a close within its pages:

Fans were originally taken aback when it was announced that Wit Studio would not be returning to finish the anime adaptation that they had started with the first three seasons of Attack On Titan, but Studio MAPPA, who is also responsible for the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen and the upcoming Chainsaw Man series, has definitely given fans a worthy adaptation of the brutal series. As the fourth season finale approaches, fans of the Survey Corps are prepping for the ending that will bring the war to a close and kill plenty of characters along the way. 


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