Attack On Titan Reveals the Truth Behind the Eldian Empire's Fall

Attack On Titan's latest episode wasn't simply the 'talk of the town' thanks to its finale which [...]

Attack On Titan's latest episode wasn't simply the "talk of the town" thanks to its finale which saw Eren Jaeger beginning the battle against Marley with a bang, but one of the most powerful figures within this country, Willy Tybur, revealed the true origin of the "Great Titan War" and how so many Eldians found themselves within the walls. The nations of the world are terrified of the Titans, believing that the "Rumbling" will be unleashed upon them, with the walls coming down and Titans eliminating humanity beneath its feet, but as is the case with other events in Attack On Titan, all isn't what it seems!

The original story that many citizens of Marley believed about the ending of the "Great Titan War" was that a great warrior, Helos, was responsible for bringing about the rule of the Eldians, driving back the Titans at their beck and call. With ambassadors from all over the world gathering to hear a big announcement from Willy, the head of the Tybur Clan gives them more than they bargained for by revealing the truth of his family's lineage. Helos was not responsible for defeating the Titans and freeing the world from Eldian rule, rather, King Fritz, the head of the Eldian people, helped propel the nation of Marley to the top of the food chain.

Attack On Titan Great Titan War
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As is revealed, we learned that Fritz had used the power of the Founding Titan to control countless Colossal Titans, trapping them within the walls that not only would keep the Eldian people trapped, but would also protect his people from the world at large. Of course, all this changed when the series began and Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan kicked a hole through one of the walls himself, unleashing a flurry of Titans on Eren Jaeger and his friends, kicking off the whole bloody affair.

Willy ended his speech by declaring war against the island of Paradis but was instantly killed in the wake of Eren unleashing the full power of the Attack Titan, kicking off the long-awaited war between the Survey Corps and the soldiers of Marley on their home turf. Needless to say, the rest of this final season will be action-packed, to say the least!

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