Attack on Titan Debuts Horrrifying Trash Cans Overseas

Attack on Titan is set to bring its fourth season back to fans this winter, and that means all eyes are on the series. Eren Yeager is so close to ending his anime run, so the show's team is going all out to hype the finale. And as it turns out, that plan includes trash cans of all things.

The report comes courtesy of Attack on Titan's team. The group updated fans on its most recent promo for season four, but it was not what fans expected. Many were hoping for a poster or trailer as October draws nearer. But in the end, all they got was some terrifying trash cans and recycling bins overseas.

According to the report, Attack on Titan is set to rotate Titan-shaped bins around Japan through November. One is out now as the Titan-shaped trash can is nestled in Oita City. One trash can is available in the city center alongside two recycling bins. So if you want to keep the planet clean, this campaign is certainly hard to miss. So if more people are noticing receptacles, it becomes easier to take care of the planet.

For now, these bins are going to be in Oita City until November 22. As you can imagine, some locals will be freaked out by the addition, but that might not be the case for most people in Oita City. After all, Attack on Titan has brought titan-shaped bins to the town before. Earlier this year, the town received recycling bins for plastic bottles, so fans were able to feed their goods on the street. And now, Attack on Titan is returning with a brigade of new bins!

Sadly, it is unlikely these bins will ever leave Japan, but fans can still celebrate the series in other ways. The manga closed this year after a decade in print, so you can catch up with the title through Kodansha Comics. As for the anime, Attack on Titan can be binged through Crunchyroll or Funimation. Season four is slated to return in a matter of months, so you still have time to catch up on Eren's journey thus far!

Do you think these bins need to take over other cities? Will you be watching Attack on Titan's finale with season four? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

HT - Kotaku