Watch: Attack on Titan Goes All Out with New Universal Studios Ride

Attack on Titan is closing in on its ending, but you wouldn't know it based on how the franchise [...]

Attack on Titan is closing in on its ending, but you wouldn't know it based on how the franchise is thriving. The manga's climb towards a climax has been electric, and that doesn't even mention the anime. Thanks to Universal Studios Japan, Attack on Titan will liven things up this summer with a special theme park ride, and a new video of the attraction is downright horrifying.

No, seriously - you do not want to go on this ride lightheartedly. If you have a fear of Titans, then this is not the ride for you. Attack on Titan XR Ride brings the world of Paradis to life with new VR technology, and you might not recover from the terrifying ordeal.

The now-viral video comes courtesy of Oricon News who was able to record exclusive footage of the ride. The VR attraction begins easily enough as riders are asked to don VR headsets before sitting down in the ride vehicle. As they move forward, the attraction begins, and riders find themselves in Paradis. They are trying to evacuate the city while riding in a cart pulled by the Survey Scouts, but things don't go quite as planned.

When their escape route is destroyed by the invading Titans, fans are hurled through the air as they dodge in real-time. Mikasa and Levi keep fans safe as they chop down Titan after Titan. This high-flying attraction does his all virtually while fans are jerked around in their ride vehicles. So if you ever wanted to experience the nauseating thrills of 3D Gear, this ride seems to mimic it pretty well.

Currently, this Attack on Titan ride is slated to operate at Universal Studios Japan through the summer and beyond. There is no word on whether that window will be extended due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has made it difficult for theme parks to open, so Universal Studios may extend this ride's window for fans to enjoy.

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