Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Burns Hot With Zuko

Avatar The Last Airbender has had a big year, with it being announced earlier in 2021 that a new [...]

Avatar The Last Airbender has had a big year, with it being announced earlier in 2021 that a new studio was being created by Paramount that would revisit the animated world of Aang and Korra, and the streaming service of Netflix recently announcing the live-action cast for their upcoming series. With actor Dallas Liu cast to play the role of the Fire Kingdom's Prince Zuko, one cosplayer has decided to give one of the most important characters to Avatar's lore a major makeover via some spot on Cosplay that once again lights a fire beneath the popular series that originated on Nickelodeon.

Dallas Liu, chatting with Variety during the red carpet premiere for Shang Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings, discussed the upcoming role and how much of an honor it is that he will be playing the role of the fan-favorite character that skirted the lines between hero and villain:

"It's a huge honor to be playing Zuko in the live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm just excited to give it everything I've got. I know the fans have been waiting for something for a long time now, so I definitely won't let them down,"

Instagram Cosplayer Gaby Cosplay shared this pitch-perfect take on Prince Zuko, who had originally been banished from the Fire Nation but was seeking to let back into his homeland by capturing the Avatar, pitting him on a number of crash courses with Aang, Katara, and Sokka to name a few:

While Paramount has yet to reveal what projects Avatar Studios will be creating, there are plenty of stories revolving around Zuko that were regarded as sequels to the original Avatar The Last Airbender series, released via Dark Horse Comics. With said comics exploring Zuko searching for his mother, which was one of the biggest threads left unexplored over the course of the original series, there are plenty of fans that are crossing their fingers that this story will one day be explored via new animated projects.

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