Avatar The Last Airbender Will Explore Avatar Yangchen in New Book

Avatar: The Last Airbender has earned its place as one of the greatest animated series of all time, with the story of Aang, Korra, and the other benders recently receiving a hilarious nod in Marvel's Moon Knight series. Though it might be some time before we see Aang, Korra, and friends return to the world of animation, it seems that a new story is set to arrive latest this year via a novel that will detail the life of a previous Avatar. 

This isn't the first time that we've seen the world of bending explored in novels, with two previous entries following the Avatar known as Kyoshi in a decidedly darker set of stories than what we saw emerge from the lives of Aang and Korra during their series which originally aired on Nickelodeon. The upcoming story focusing on Avatar Yanchen is set to release on July 19th, with the author of Kyoshi's stories, F.C. Yee, set to return to forge a new chapter in the tale of the Avatars

The official description of this new chapter in the world of bending, Avatar: The Dawn of Yangchen, reads as such for those who are looking to venture into the world of this Avatar that came before the adventures of Aang, Korra, and even Kyoshi:

"Yangchen's inexperience may prove to be her greatest asset …

Plagued by the voices of Avatars before her for as long as she can remember, Yangchen has not yet earned the respect felt for Avatar Szeto, her predecessor. In an era where loyalty is bought rather than earned, she has little reason to trust her counsel. When Yangchen travels to Bin-Er in the Earth Kingdom on political business, a chance encounter with an informant named Kavik leads to a wary partnership. Bin-Er is a city ruled by corrupt shang merchants who have become resentful of the mercurial Earth King and his whims. To extract themselves from his influence, the shangs have one solution in mind: a mysterious weapon of mass destruction that would place power squarely in their hands. As Yangchen and Kavik seek to thwart the shangs' plan, their unlikely friendship deepens. But for Yangchen to chart her course as a singularly powerful Avatar, she must learn to rely on her own wisdom above all else.

This propulsive third installment in the Chronicles of the Avatar series illuminates Avatar Yangchen's journey from uncertain young woman to revered leader."

Via Avatar News