Avatar: New Kyoshi Book Details One of the Series' Most Brutal Deaths

Aang may be the most famous Avatar of all, but he is far from the only one. The cycle began [...]

Aang may be the most famous Avatar of all, but he is far from the only one. The cycle began centuries before Aang was born, and his predecessors were often championed by the public. Avatar Kyoshi was one such figure, but thanks to the latest book documenting her story, fans learned the heroine was more brutal than they realized.

The information went live in The Shadow of Kyoshi, the latest book released by the franchise. This book, which acts as the sequel to The Rise of Kyoshi, follows the Avatar as she attempts to bring balance to a world that is operating under two Avatar. Unlike Aang, she is not able to show mercy to her foe, and fans were stunned by the way Kyoshi killed the man.

The Shadow of Kyoshi dove into this fight as the Avatar faced Yun in a climactic battle. After having been mistaken as the Avatar, Yun holds a grudge like none other against Kyoshi and all of humanity for him false hope. It falls to Kyoshi to stop Yun from undoing the Avatar cycle, and their final battle ends with Yun letting his guard down.

avatar kyoshi airbender
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He does so after Kyoshi apologizes for his Avatar stint ending which causes Yun to pause. However, her next actions ensure his inability to seek any further damages for the slight. Kyoshi taps into her water-bending powers to ice bend Yun's lungs and heart to a stop. With no other choice, Kyoshi literally froze his vital to death from within, and that is how she prevented Yun from overtaking the world. Clearly, this death is a brutal one up there with blood-bending, and fans are amazed to it came at the hands of an Avatar.

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