Avatar: The Last Airbender Will Become a Paramount+ Exclusive

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra made waves when the two beloved Nickelodeon [...]

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra made waves when the two beloved Nickelodeon series made their way to the streaming service of Netflix but it seems as if fans won't have much longer to check out the world of bending on the streaming service. Paramount Plus is calling the benders home, being the exclusive streaming service that will let fans revisit the elemental nations as new projects are underway via Paramount's Avatar Studios.

The update was given today by none other than Brian Robbins, the president of Nickelodeon and curator for family programming at Paramount+. The executive spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the new streaming platform, and it was there he confirmed Avatar will one day call Paramount+ home exclusively.

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie
(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

When asked whether shows like Avatar and iCarly will be taken off Netflix in the future, Robbins did not hesitate in saying they will. "Yes. And it's not like this is some secret that we're pulling the wool over anybody else's eyes on other services. They're happy to have the content and they understand the strategy. We're very upfront about it," he shared with the trade.

As you can tell, Robbins is confident about the future of Avatar, and it includes Paramount+ in a big way. Of course, fans are also expecting The Legend of Korra to hop over to the new platform once its predecessor makes its move. The sequel was brought to Netflix just weeks after Avatar hit the catalog last summer. But in the face of Paramount+ and its successful launch, well - things will be changing soon.

Of course, there is more on the horizon for Avatar as you may know. It was announced recently that Nickelodeon helped found Avatar Studios with the show's original creators in hopes of expanding the franchise. Robbins stressed the team is, "on our way to a full-fledged franchise strategy, creating films and spinoffs out of Avatar" after years of silence. So if you thought Paramount+ was going to bury Aang and the gang, well - you can think again!

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