Russo Brothers Recruit F9 Writer to Pen Battle of the Planets Script

Hollywood has a number of live-action anime productions in the works, but only one of them will be [...]

Hollywood has a number of live-action anime productions in the works, but only one of them will be overseen by the Russo Brothers. The directors shared their big plans of adapting Battle of the Planets at San Diego Comic-Con before the pandemic began. And now, a new report suggests the directors have found a screenwriter to pen the anime adaptation's script.

The update comes from Deadline as the trade reports Daniel Casey has been hired to pen the script for Battle of the Planets. The screenwriter is well known within the industry, and his most recent work on F9 helped revive the domestic box office upon its debut. Now, Casey will pen the script for Battle of the Planets, so he will be looking at the 1978 anime for all the inspiration.

gatchaman russo
(Photo: Tatsunoko Productions)

According to Deadline, Casey has been working closely with Joe and Anthony Russo on Battle of the Planets. The trio have been in talks with Tatsunoko, the creator of the original anime, to build a whole franchise around the throwback series. And as it turns out, Battle of the Planets is expected to be aa multi-media IP once the Russo Brothers are done with it.

"We are thrilled to be working with a collaborator of Dan's caliber on this beloved property," the brothers shared in a recent statement regarding Casey's hiring. "His passion, attention to detail, and thirst for innovation will no doubt delight fans of the IP while making a thoughtful introduction for newcomers. He is pioneer at heart and the perfect partner as we set out to lay the foundation of a universe which will engage audiences on a meaningful level and across the media landscape."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Battle of the Planets, the anime is one of the biggest to take on Western audiences in the 1970s. The show, which is known as Gatchaman in Japan, was a favorite show for kids after school back in the day. Battle of the Planets tells the story of five orphans who are raised to protect Earth in an ongoing intergalactic war. The soldiers band together to form the G-Force, and this team undergoes tons of missions to protect Earth from any number of invaders introduced throughout the series.

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