Berserk's Comeback Has Fan Artist Create "Old Man Guts"

Berserk is considered to be a masterpiece by many of the anime fans that have had the opportunity to dive into the dark world of Guts and his fellow soldiers in the Band of the Hawk. With the creator, Kentaro Miura, tragically passing away last year, the story is set to continue based on the notes of the mangaka that were shared with new writer Kouji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga. Now, one fan artist has taken the opportunity to imagine what the Black Swordsman might look like years in the future.     

In the latest chapters of Berserk's manga, readers were able to see the effect that Griffith's presence on Elfheim had, with Guts wasting little time in unleashing his rage and attempting to strike down the newest member of the Godhand. With the final pages seeing that the Black Swordsman is now going to have to match his Dragon Slayer against the strength of Nosferatu Zodd once again, the new writer and artists for Berserk are looking to stick with the series to adapt the notes and ideas that Miura had shared before his tragic passing. 

Instagram Artist Annato Finnstark shared this brand new take on the Black Swordsman in his Berserker Armor to celebrate the return of Berserk in the pages of its manga, with Guts certainly reflecting the fact that he has undergone some difficult battles in the past as the dark franchise marches on:

Berserk currently has no plans, that we know of, to return with a new anime series, though the first three movies that retold the story of the Golden Age Arc are set to return to the small screen in Japan later this year via the Berserk Millenium Edition. With the manga looking to bring an end to the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the remnants of the Band of the Hawk, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see the dark franchise that spawned from the mind of Kentaro Miura return at some point in the future to either the small and/or silver screen.

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