Berserk's Big Announcement Could Be a New Anime

The franchise of Berserk follows the harsh tale of the Band of the Hawk, a young group of mercenaries fighting in a medieval fantasy setting, with the spotlight shining directly on three particular members in Guts, Griffith, and Casca, and fans are speculating just what the next big announcement for the franchise might be with a social media post leading many to believe it might be a new anime! The last time Berserk appeared on television screens was in 2016 with two seasons of an anime that was controversial to say the least thanks in part to its reliance on computer generated animation!

With the past two seasons of the anime taking place following the "Golden Age Arc", a long flashback sequence that took us through the dark events of the Black Swordsman's life, we witnessed Guts form a new bond with far different warriors than the ones we knew. While a third season hasn't been confirmed, it is entirely possible that this "big announcement", that will be revealed via the magazine that currently publishes the dark tale in Young Animal next month. It is also entirely possible that a new anime series might be retelling the entirety of Berserk, with the promotion listing the announcement as "A New Beginning", and showing images from the Golden Age Arc of the series' manga.

Twitter User ReadBerserk1 noted that the Official Twitter Account for the previous anime series, created by Studio GEMBA, had sprung back to life and retweeted the big announcement, leading folks to think that this "new beginning" may very well be either a third season of the previous series or a new anime entirely:

Berserk fans have been waiting quite a while to see how the story between Guts and his former friend Griffith comes to an end, with the manga running for decades now from mangaka Kentaro Miura. In a recent chapter, the character of Skull Knight hinted that the end of Guts' tale might finally be drawing to a close, piquing the interest of a number of fans who have been following the dark story for years. Whether or not the big announcement is a new anime or not, there is definitely plenty of material for a series to mine!


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