A Big Berserk Announcement Will Be Revealed Next Month

Fans of the long running anime franchise of Berserk have been anxiously waiting for any announcements when it comes to the series receiving a new anime adaptation, and it seems as if something big is in the works for the series as the publishers of the manga, Young Animal, are touting an announcement for October. With the last anime adaptation ending in 2017 from Studio GEMBA, the world of Guts, Griffith, and the Band of the Hawk has been dying for a new series that can continue the dark franchise that has become so beloved among fans!

Recently, the story arc of the manga has seen Guts and company entering the world of the fairies and spell casters, doing the impossible by bringing Casca back to the world of sanity. Much like any other instance in this series, this didn't necessarily mean a happy ending as Casca seemingly has a mental breakdown after running back into Guts, remembering the terrible events that took place during the Eclipse. With Skull Knight returning to the fold and hinting that the final story of Guts is now beginning, the decades long franchise might finally be bringing the tale of this dark world to a close.

Twitter User Manga Mogura shared the solicitation from Young Animal that touts that on October 9th of next month, Berserk will be announcing something big with the title of "The New Beginning", showing off panels from the Golden Age Arc of the series, leading us to believe that whatever this announcement will be, it will be dealing with the earlier days of the Band of the Hawk:

The Golden Age Arc of Berserk was originally adapted into an anime series with the first Berserk series that was released in 1997, and then subsequently turned into three feature length films that were dropped in 2012 and 2013. It's a story that has definitely been shown the most when it comes to the story of Guts and company, but if it means we get more of the series in anime format, we wouldn't mind diving back into the early days of the Band of the Hawk one more time.


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