Berserk Hints At Origins of The Berserker Armor In Latest Chapter

With the previous manga chapter of Berserk, the creator of the series, Kentaro Miura, hinted that [...]

With the previous manga chapter of Berserk, the creator of the series, Kentaro Miura, hinted that the end of his long running epic fantasy might finally be on the way, and the latest chapter of the series reveals the origins of one of Guts' most powerful weapons in the franchise: The Berserker Armor. Since first being introduced, the armor has assisted the black swordsman in a number of battle but has also nearly swallowed him whole, using his own anger to fuel it. With Guts and company finally hitting the land of the fairies, it seems as if big things are on the horizon!

Warning! If you aren't caught up on Berserk's manga with Chapter 361, you may want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some deep spoiler territory for the series!

Guts was approached during the previous chapter of the manga by the mysterious Skull Knight, the warrior that saved both the black swordsman and Casca from the insanity that was the Eclipse and has been following the pair for quite some time. With the two swordsmen being approached by a warlock in the form of Gedfryn, they are asked to join him to meet with the blacksmith known as Hanarr, who created the armor for Skull Knight and the Berserker armor that Guts wears to this day.

Berserk Manga Guts Berserker Armor
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As Guts approaches the dwarfen creator of the Berserker armor, he is about to be told what it means to wear this powerful, albeit dangerous, suit, with Hanarr seemingly activating it with the strike of his hammer. With the Berserker Armor's creator unveiled, it's clear that Hanarr is going to walk Guts through some of the secrets of the armor and perhaps give him an even better handle on how to wield it in anticipation of his final conflict with Griffith and his new incarnation of the Band of the Hawk.

This latest magical environment has been a big turning point for Guts and his supporting cast members, bringing Casca back to the edge of sanity while also giving some power boosts to some of the others within their "role playing squad". Whether or not these buffs will be enough to grant them victory in the final battle is another question as Berserk has never shied away from stacking the odds against Guts in the past.

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