Berserk Cosplay Unravels Golden Age Guts

Berserk has been following the story of Guts the Black Swordsman for decades, with the anime adaptation recently taking fans back to the Golden Age Arc via the Memorial Edition. With a mysterious timer getting ready to reveal some new information later this week, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to bring back Guts' previous look as a member of the Band of the Hawk, wherein he had yet to fight against demons but brawled against scores of soldiers.

Berserk has always been a hardened swordsman, first selling his battle prowess to the highest bidder in his earlier years, but then found a home for himself with the ranks formed by the White Hawk Griffith. Discovering a dream that he was looking to attain after wandering aimlessly for so long, Guts' look as a Band of the Hawk member would change thanks to the horrifying events of the Eclipse along with the betrayal that was unleashed on him and his comrades by Griffith. Being regarded as the "Black Swordsman", Berserk would then put Guts through the wringer by giving him opponents that no normal soldier could defeat.

Golden Age Guts

Instagram Cosplayer Zeku_Zilla shared this fresh take on Guts' past look, which he would routinely wear into battle but has since leveled up to a new powerful set of armor via the Berserker Armor that he continues to wear to this day in the manga:

Following the tragic passing of Berserk's creator, Kentaro Miura, the status of the manga was left in limbo for around a year, with many fans believing that the story following the Band of the Hawk would never return. Luckily, Miura had creative friends in writer Kouji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga, who have taken the reins of the brutal series and are looking to finish Guts' story which first began in the 1980s. With several chapters having already hit that see how Griffith's arrival to Elfhelm played out, anime fans are left wondering how many more installments will hit before the manga takes a bow.

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