Berserk Hints At Series Finale With Big Return In Latest Chapter

It appears to finally be the moment that fans of the bloody anime franchise of Berserk has been [...]

It appears to finally be the moment that fans of the bloody anime franchise of Berserk has been waiting for as the latest chapter of the manga has hinted at the idea that the series, after decades of publication, is finally coming to its end with Guts and his band of adventurers finding themselves on a path toward the finale. The latest chapter of the series, aside from continuing our protagonists' journey within the land of the elves, ushers in a big time character return that clearly sets the stage for big time developments in the long running series!

Warning! If you haven't read the latest chapter of Berserk's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

When last we left Guts and his crew, Casca had regained her sanity but unfortunately remembered the terrible events that befell her during the horrific "Eclipse", thus seemingly collapsing under the straing of her own memory. With Casca recovering, the female warrior of the former Band of the Hawk finds herself struggling with anything that reminds her of the past as she notes that it "takes her back to that horrible time". Unfortunately for both her and Guts, the black swordsman is a key figure for her from that time period.

The story of Casca following the Eclipse has been a tragic and terrifying one, seemingly regressing into a child like state as she was unable to hold onto her sanity while Guts attempted to not only pursue Griffith to get revenge, but also save her life that was besieged by demons. When the key to her recovery was found, it seems as if her sanity has some unexpected side effects, causing Guts to retreat in self isolation.

High on a cliff top, Guts is continuing to train with his sword and is approached by Skull Knight, the mysterious horseback figure who saved by Guts and Casca from the eclipse and has helped the black swordsman on his perilous journey!

Skull Knight Reveal
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The hint toward the finale comes with Skull Knight's introduction, telling Guts that he "bears witness toward to the end of his journey.", clearly giving us a hint that Berserk is heading straight for its final days. As Skull Knight notes, this is "not always a happy thing" and considering how the series has been to date, we would imagine that the ending of Berserk will definitely be bittersweet.

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