Berserk Gets Sweet With This Custom Cake

Berserk isn't exactly an anime franchise that lends itself to appearing at birthday parties, [...]

Berserk isn't exactly an anime franchise that lends itself to appearing at birthday parties, easily proving to be one of the darkest series in anime or otherwise as it follows the tragic story of the black swordsman, Guts, but that didn't stop one fan from creating an insanely detailed birthday cake that attempts to honor the long running dark fantasty! With the manga hinting that the story of the Band of the Hawk is coming to its end, with the mysterious Skull Knight telling Gut that he is witnessing the "end of his story", this is certainly a great time to celebrate the franchise!

The cake itself truly does manage to combine a number of different elements from the Berserk franchise, topped with a portrait of Guts later on in the series along with his larger than life sword known as the Dragon Slayer. On the sides of the cake, you can see the humorous version of Puck the Elf, a character that adds some much needed humor to an otherwise terrifying tale, alongside the Behelit. The Behelit, as fans of the series know, is a tiny amulet that is given to potential "Apostles", requiring humans to sacrifice what is closest to them in order to gain demonic power.

Reddit User MercuriusMan shared a video of the cake fashioned off the anime franchise of Berserk that perfectly captures the darkest of dark anime series in a sweet dessert that manages to bring to life characters like Guts and Puck in an entirely new way:

Berserk cake from r/Berserk

There are currently no new plans for an anime series once again returning to the world of Berserk, following the computer generated series that were received with mixed reviews, though there are definitely rumors to the fact. Powerhouse Studio, the folks that are responsible for Netflix's Castlevania anime, have had many of their higher ups express an interest in one day diving into the story of Guts with a version of their own.

While there is no confirmed end date for the long running franchise of Berserk, the manga certainly is leading us to believe that the story of Guts has finally reached its "end game".

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