Anime Dominates Letterboxd's List of Most-Loved 2024 Movies

From Demon Slayer to Studio Ghibli, anime movies are on the rise.

There is a lot of television and film to watch these days. Not only is Hollywood pumping out more content than ever, but foreign markets are becoming more valued by consumers globally. From Korean dramas to British farces, streaming has made entertainment a very global thing. And over on Letterboxd, the popular film site has released a new list that proves anime films are dominating the critical sphere.

The whole thing went live this week as Letterboxd, a leading entertainment site for film lovers, posted an annual list of top movies. The list specifically breaks down the the titles in Letterboxd's massive catalog that have the most fans per viewer. The top 100 results were tallied, and the top pick is an anime feature named Revue Starlight.

And of course, this anime title isn't the only one listed. Gintama: The Very Final was ranked number 11 on the list. The live-action adaptation of Blue Spring from Japan found itself in the top 20, and that is far from all.

From Neon Genesis Evangelion to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, some big anime series made this list. Plus, the Letterboxd list features a number of Japanese films including Ritual which ranked number two; The film is directed by Hideaki Anno who oversaw Evangelion as well as Shin Godzilla. Love Exposure, Kamikaze Girls, and One Million Yen Girl helped bring up the list's top ten. So clearly, it seems like Japanese cinema in all forms is finding a home outside its borders.

If you love cinema and want to see what this top list features, you can find the breakdown on Letterboxd now. As for anime and film, well – the two worlds are colliding more often than ever in the United States. Since 2020, anime movies have seen a sharp rise in box office turnout thanks the medium's growth overseas. From Demon Slayer's breakout film to The Boy and the Heron from Studio Ghibli, anime movies are becoming box office treasures. So if you thought anime was on its way out of centers stage, well – think again. 

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