Black Clover Confirms July Return Date

It has been nearly two months since Black Clover put out a new episode, and it seems more weeks will go by before the anime makes its comeback. The show was put on hiatus like so many others when COVID-19 prompted Japan to enter a State of Emergency. With production shuttered, fans were left unsure when Black Clover would return, but that date has been officially announced for everyone waiting.

As it turns out, Black Clover will return to TV starting on July 7. The long-rumored date was made official when Weekly Shonen Jump put out a new issue this week. A new chapter of Black Clover went out, and it was there the comeback date was released.

Black Clover will hit up fans on July 7 with episode 133 if you have lost track of the anime. The show aired episode 132 at the end of April, and it was delayed shortly after due to COVID-19. The pandemic put great strain on the production of episodes in every way, but animators and voice actors have begun returning to work in Japan this month.


If you want to catch up on Black Clover, the anime is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation if you want to make a marathon of it. The magical series remains a favorite with fans despite its rocky beginning a couple of years back. You can check out its official synopsis below for more details:


"Young Asta was born with no magic ability in a world where magic is everything. In order to prove his strength and keep a promise with his friend, Asta dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the land, the Wizard King!"

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