New Black Clover Theme to Be Performed by K-pop Group TXT

Black Clover came back from its hiatus in a big way earlier this year. The show has kept busy since by exploring a new training arc that fans say is going well despite its filler content. Now, it seems Black Clover is preparing a new theme song for fans, and the track will be handled by a K-pop group that shares the same agency as BTS.

The announcement came from the official Black Clover page on Twitter. It was there a video was uploaded of the group TXT (or Tomorrow x Together) as the group confirmed they were performing the show's new theme song.

It turns out the song will be titled "Everlasting Shine" and stand as the 12th theme song for Black Clover. This marks the first time TXT has done an anime theme song, but the group has released Japanese singles in the past. The K-pop group made their Japanese debut in January with the song "Magic Hour" that was received well overseas.

Currently, TXT is slated to release more music in Japan this August with the single "Drama". Their song for Black Clover will be their first original Japanese single, so fans are looking forward to hearing the track.

At this point, there is no word on when the song will go live, but fans expected Black Clover to unveil the single in a week or so. The anime put out an episode earlier this week dedicated to all things Noelle, and the entry sat well with fans. Now, audiences are eager to see how this TXT track will set up Black Clover's training arc and all its future stories.

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