Black Clover Director Hypes Fans for Episode 136

Black Clover made a successful comeback earlier this month after going on a hiatus due to COVID-19 delays. Fans will be the first to admit they missed Asta, and new fans are coming to the series each day as they look for new shows to keep them busy during the quarantine. And for everyone caught up with the show's current season, the director of Black Clover says big things are in store for episode 136.

Recently, the anime director took to Twitter to hype fans about the new episode. Tatsuya Yoshihara shared an English message with his followers that hyped netizens up for whatever the upcoming episode has to offer.

"Everyone in each department worked hard! Please look forward to Episode 136," the Black Clover director cheered.

As for what this episode will focus on, Black Clover fans feel confident it will center around Noelle. Episode 136 is titled "A Black Deep-Sea Story", and the aquatic title definitely lends itself to the heroine. It was not long ago fans were introduced to her gorgeous mermaid form, so fans are thinking this episode will follow Noelle as she trains up her new powers.

With Yoshihara sharing his seal of approval, fans are eager to check out this new episode when it drops. Episode 136 will carry forward the anime's ongoing training arc that creator Yuki Tabata helped flesh out for the anime team. If you want to catch up on Black Clover as a whole, you can watch every episode over on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

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