Black Clover Introduces Asta's Mother at Last

In the most recent arc of Black Clover, fans have been taken aback time and again by the manga's revelations. Asta has come into focus heavily as he is currently fighting the devils lurking within his grimoire. The boy is determined to forge an even stronger bond with the artifact, but he must do some intense soul searching for that to happen. Asta is doing as much these days as he trains for his rematch against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, but Black Clover fans were taken for a total loop when a recent chapter finally introduced the hero's mom to the world.

Alongside learning more about Asta's devil, we have started to learn a bit more about how Asta feels about this anti-magic power coming from such a seemingly dark source. But no one could have really guessed that his devil's tragic origin story actually tied into Asta's as well. Because as it turns out, both Asta and his devil are the "children" of the same kind woman.

Chapter 270 of the series confirms that Asta defeated his devil in the Devil-Binding Ritual, and as a result can form a contract that forces his devil to listen to all of his commands. Rather than do that, however, Asta instead forms a contract with the both of them as equals because Asta sensed that Liebe (his devil) had no real intent to kill him during the fight.

Black Clover Asta Mom Licita Spoilers
(Photo: Viz Media)

As Asta extends his hand out to Liebe and asks the devil his name, Liebe starts to think back to when a kind woman reached out to him in the same way. Licita (who was revealed as the one who took Liebe in several years ago and sacrificed her life to save him) is the one who gave Liebe his name and, as Liebe reveals through his thoughts at the time, is Asta's mother.

Seeing Asta's smile reaching out a hand and becoming friends with him, Liebe laughs to himself and remarks that it might destiny that he now finds himself with Licita's child. Of course, Asta himself does not know about this reveal but this definitely has huge implications for the rest of the series given that Licita had powerful magic of her own.


This reveal also lends more credence to Asta being chosen by his grimmoire as Licita was the one who had found it before sealing Liebe within it. But what do you think of this reveal? Curious to learn more about Asta's mother Licita in the future? What do you think it means for Asta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!