Black Clover Shows How Much Asta Takes After Yami in Newest Devil Fight

Black Clover is readying Asta and the Clover Kingdom for a major rematch against the Spade [...]

Black Clover is readying Asta and the Clover Kingdom for a major rematch against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and as Asta undergoes a trial to unlock his full devil power he is showing just how much he takes after Yami in the newest chapter of the series. With the goal of making him the ultimate weapon of the Clover Kingdom, the Black Bulls' Vice Captain Nacht has begun Asta's Devil-Binding Ritual. This means that in order to form an official contract with the devil in his grimmoire, Asta must defeat it in battle.

While the latest string of chapters have done a lot to reveal more about the true identity and motive behind Asta's devil, it has also shown how Asta feels toward this entity that has been fighting alongside him for the series thus far. But as the fight between the two gets even more intense, Asta digs deep and shows just how much he's learned from Yami and other strong warriors in his adventures so far.

After feeling Liebe's full hatred and realizing his reasons for wanting to take down the devils are tied into a tragic origin, Asta accepts these feelings but reveals that he's not going to back down in this fight. While he does not have anti-magic power in this fight, he has the body strengthened through years of training beforehand. Asta's still at a disadvantage, however.

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While he can't use his grimmoire's power, his devil can as Liebe tries to use every one of Asta's own swords against him. Before he's able to take control of Yami's katana (which was still leftover in Asta's grimmoire after the fight with Dante), Asta grabs it and begins his counterattack. Using techniques he's witnessed and hardened thanks to all of his training, he begins to even mirror Yami's sword techniques.

Although Liebe manages to avoid a final blow from Asta, Nacht took notice of how much Asta began to look like Yami while wielding his katana. Asta had been inching closer to Yami's look through this arc thus far (especially after he was beefed up bigger than ever following the timeskip), and this was the kind of growth hinted at during their tag team fight.

If it works out for Asta, he could very well take after Yami's level of power as well along his techniques. But what do you think? How do you like seeing Asta become more like Yami this arc? How do you think the fight against his Devil will end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!