Black Clover Reveals Luck's Powerful New Attack

Now that the battle against the Devil users of the Spade Kingdom is in full swing in the latest Black Clover chapter, we have begun to see how strong the Black Bulls and other Magic Knights have gotten in the six month training period skipped over. While the anime will be exploring this time period in full when it returns from its pandemic hiatus, it's been a surprise for fans of the manga as the increasingly strong Spade Kingdom foes are showing just how much stronger each of the Magic Knights have gotten as a result. And the latest chapter showed off what Luck learned during his training period!

Chapter 248 of the series sees Luck take on the Spade Kingdom's Devil user Svenkin. A flashback to his training reveals that part of his learning how to better use his magic involves using his magic to craft runes to create an array for which to bend natural mana to his whims. These runes do eventually show that he's become much faster.

Already a speed demon thanks to his lightning magic enhanced hands and feet, his fight against Svenkin pushes him to become even faster. Thanks to Svenkin's Devil power allowing him to harden his body, none of Luck's attacks were strong enough to harm him at first. His Skin Magic detects attacks and automatically hardens itself to defend, so Luck instead gathered runes to dart around fast enough to strike faster than Svenkin's skin could detect.

Black Clover Luck True Lightning Magic Ceranos
(Photo: Shueisha)

Then Luck goes even faster and reveals a new ultimate spell by stacking several layers of his rune arrays together and uses them as a launch pad for a final dash attack. Dubbing it his True Lightning Magic: Ceranos, Luck turns himself into a spear of pure lightning and speeds right through Svenkin -- carving a whole right through his toughen skin and piercing into his chest.

Not only has Asta shown to have gotten much stronger during his six months of training, it's now clear that his fellow Knights have not slouched during that period either. They're going to be ready to take on the new threats of the Spade Kingdom Devil users, and Luck will probably get into even more fierce battles as the arc continues.


What do you think of Luck's big upgrade? How do you feel about the runes playing a role in how much stronger these mages have become? Who's training arc upgrade do you want to see in action next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!