Black Clover Has a Fan in Dragon Ball's Creator

Black Clover may seem like an underdog to some shonen lovers, but the series is anything but. Over [...]

Black Clover may seem like an underdog to some shonen lovers, but the series is anything but. Over the years, the magical story has made millions of fans around the world. Even some of the biggest names in manga have come to adore Black Clover, and their recommendations have led to the franchise's growth. So if you missed it back in the day, the creator of Dragon Ball is a fan of the series.

The fact resurfaced on social media recently when Black Clover fans began pushing back on haters of the series. It is not unusual to see fans push back on Black Clover in favor of other contemporaries like My Hero Academia or even Dragon Ball Super. But if you didn't know, Akira Toriyama is a fan of the manga.

dragon ball black clover

The Dragon Ball creator explained in a 2018 interview that he quite enjoyed Yuki Tabata's story about Asta. "I haven't read much [manga] these days, but I really liked what I saw in Black Clover. The author has a great sense of impact and the protagonist is very charismatic."

Clearly, Toriyama has nothing but love for Black Clover, and his praise goes a long way with the fandom. For shonen fans who prefer brawn to brains, Toriyama is a favorite given the fights found in Dragon Ball. A simple plug from him has the power to convince many to check out Black Clover, but they better not get their hopes up about the anime.

After all, Black Clover ended its anime this year in order to focus on the manga. The show caught up with Tabata's current manga arc, so there will little recourse but to shut the anime down. Hopefully, Black Clover will return to TV once the manga is further along, and maybe Toriyama will send more viewers its way.

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