Black Clover Fan Reveals Epic Look at Their Work on the Anime's Finale

One Black Clover fan revealed an epic behind-the-scenes look at their work on the anime's final [...]

One Black Clover fan revealed an epic behind-the-scenes look at their work on the anime's final episode! Surprising fans everywhere, Black Clover announced it was going to be bringing its anime series to an end after a long and strong run of 140 episodes. Coming to an end officially earlier this Spring, the final episode of the series saw Asta taking on the devil in his grimmoire as part of the mysterious Devil-Binding Ritual to make himself stronger with a full devil transformation. This led to one final battle for the anime overall as Asta pulled out all the stops.

With the anime known by fans for going all out for many of its major fight scenes by the time the final episode wrapped, the fight between Asta and his devil Liebe was no different as Asta was stuck fighting against his devil with only one arm. Not only that, Liebe had full control of the swords within his grimmoire as well so it was a proper test of strength and will for Asta in a number of ways. Now artist and animator on the series, Sanguinii on Reddit shared a cool look at some of the key animation they did for this fight. Check it out below:

Black Clover's anime series might have come to an end, but thankfully it has already been confirmed that the franchise will continue. But rather than pick up from where the finale left off with a brand new series, the franchise will be releasing its first movie in the future. A release window or date has yet to be set for this new film, nor have there been any story or staff details revealed, but it's still exciting to see the series continue with a brand new entry after its strong TV run.

There are lots of potential places for the new movie to go following the end of the anime series as Yuki Tabata's original manga series has continued the story far beyond where the anime has ended, but there is also the potential for an original story to fit within the time frame between the Spade Kingom saga's two distinct halves. But what do you think?

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