Black Clover Introduces a New Type of Devil

Black Clover introduces a new kind of devil with its newest chapter! This second phase of the [...]

Black Clover introduces a new kind of devil with its newest chapter! This second phase of the Spade Kingdom saga has hit a major bump in the road for Asta and the other knights as it appears the Advent of Qliphoth ritual they had been attempting to stop has actually been sped up instead. Nacht and the others had been trying to stop the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad from completing the ritual, but the Zogratis siblings had a contingency plan in place that meant the ritual would continue. Now devils are starting to spill out of the underworld.

With the gates of the underworld now cracked open, it means all kinds of powerful devils have made themselves known across the kingdom. The newest chapter of the series continues to explain what the hierarchy of the underworld actually is, and with it fully introduces a new type of devil that's certainly going to be a problem. Chapter 284 of the series introduces fans to the "Mid-Ranking" Devils that still take some serious powers to take down.

Black Clover Mid-Ranking Devils New Spoilers Manga
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Noelle and the other Clover Kingdom fighters had successfully recovered and trained in the Heart Kingdom to the point where they were able to tap into "True" Magic. With this training, they are also told about some of the devils in the underworld and how much power it's actually going to take to bring them down. While low level devils can still be defeated by non-arcane stage mages with enough spent manga, the mid-ranking devils need more.

The Mid-Ranking Devils seen in Chapter 284 aren't unlike the ones we have seen spilling out of the gates, but they're not like the most powerful ones we have seen attached to Asta and the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. what makes them different, however, is a degree of intelligence and speaking ability that demonstrates their higher level of evolution. Luck is able to take down several of them with his Ultimate Magic quite quickly, however.

So while this new type of devil is indeed powerful, it seems like the remaining Black Bulls and the others will be able to focus their efforts on these types of threats while Asta and the stronger Clover Kingdom knights can turn their attention toward the Dark Triad and the higher-ranking devils still waiting on their escape.

But what did you think of this new level of devil in Black Clover? Do you think Asta and the others will be able to stop this massive and dark army? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!